Tuesday, June 15, 2010

9 months & 9 weeks

Both of my babies are at a "9" milestone.

I cannot believe Teeny Tiny is already 9 weeks along!!! What I can't believe more is that I've been able to keep it a secret this long... well, every week that goes by it slips out a little more. But still, this is really good for me. It definitely helps the pregnancy go by faster!!! We go to the midwife tomorrow for the first time and it should be interesting. I was hoping to have lost more weight before now but this morning sickness hasn't been bad at all. (I say that now at 10AM... last night at 10PM I thought I was going to die. haha! It's definitely worse at night.)

I can't wait to see our Tiny baby and actually see it's little heart beating. It'll be interesting because we're bringing Ellie along. The midwives haven't seen her since she was 6 weeks and it'll be fun to show her off...

Speaking of The Big Sister... We just got home from her 9 month appointment. It was good as far as charting her developmental skills. Of course she rocks in that area. As far as weight gain... well, let's just say she doesn't take after me. The pediatrician kind of raised her eyebrows when she discovered that I was nursing AND pregnant. Ha! Yes, I'm awesome. J/K haha. I was ready to quit nursing until she mentioned formula.... eh. For some reason I have a very hate/hate relationship with that stuff. I'm not sure why. So our lovely pediatrician told me I could just nurse 3x a day as long as Ellie has a cup of yogurt and two slices of cheese included in her daily diet. Which means I need to go to Target. Nice.

Big Sister is NOT a friend of the male nurse at the dr's office. He gave her two shots today and the adorable pink camo bandaid did not make up for the pain she received. Oh well. She's snoozing away her sorrows now. Which means I should do some laundry or something.

What I really want to do: take a nap........ Zzzzzzz

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