Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ellie is 8 months and 4 weeks now.

I have done the most horrible job at keeping up with her accomplishments and her baby book is mostly empty. That's sad. The very important first few months were filled in... but it's something I just totally forget about now. I fear I haven't been taking snapshots of her much either. Oops.

Anyway... the past few days she's been a JOY to have around. Her top two teeth broke through and that seemed to be what was causing so much fussiness during the day. Ellie's the type of kid who seems to be a happy, jolly, social baby bug around everyone else. It's just when she's home and not feeling well that she gets fussy. And I don't deal too well with fussiness. It's especially frustrating when you have no idea what's wrong.

So I was reading some stuff on blogs and in a parenting magazine, I think, about reasons for not having a 2nd baby right away. It's like, well, we're already there so why read it, right? haha But I think it's interesting that one of the reasons people don't want to have another one right away is because they're afraid the first one won't get the attention they need. I laugh. Ellie is the only child we'll have who will receive this much attention, I think. If anything, I would be worried about children #2, #3, #4, or however many there are. Unless something tragic happened, Ellie is the only child who will ever get to experience being an "only child." I guess we'll have to come back and ask her in ten or twenty years if she felt like we should have given her more "her" time. I think it's silly.

Reasons I can justify not getting pregnant right away: Because it's pretty safe to assume I won't feel well... Hm. I can't think of any other reasons. hahaha. Cost is not really that big of a deal since we got gender neutral things to begin with. We're not the type of family to have "themes" for each child. They can certainly have themed bedrooms once they are old enough to understand what they like. What Ellie likes are lots of books and toys. She likes books about tractors and animals just like a boy would ;) I'm sure we'll be introducing Madeleine and Fancy Nancy pretty soon. But right now she can't even tell the difference between boy things and girl things. I cannot believe how many clothes we've been blessed with since having Ellie. I'm sure God will provide because I have complete assurance that this child was His will and He is not a neglectful Father.

In Sunday school this week we were reminded that God provides! He provides for ALL our needs! But in today's society there are so many things that we think we "need" that we actually don't. Did you know you can live without cable, smart phones, and new cars? It's possible!!! haha. We're proof! And in reality, I would venture to guess that we're a lot happier without those things because we don't have to worry about paying for them ;-) Our entertainment consists of long outdoor walks as a family and playing together.

I have no doubt that God's going to prove over and over again that He is Jehovah-Jireh, our Provider.

So as far as this pregnancy goes... I am feeling a lot better than I have! I felt sick all night last night. But it felt like a bug... not so much like morning sickness. I don't know/sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. But I've definitely felt more energetic. I think Ellie has a lot to do with that. With my pregnancy with her I had the luxury of not having to keep up with nearly as much. Now I have no choice. haha. I like it better this way actually. It makes the days go by so much faster!

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