Friday, January 30, 2009

9 weeks...

I have been clicking on my own blog site daily in hopes that my baby ticker would change. (THAT is a stupid hormonal woman for ya... because I KNEW it wasn't going to change! ;o)

Well, this week brought about different changes. My child is rejecting me. Or rather, it's rejecting what I tried to feed it this week. Now I have a real aversion to chicken noodle soup, oatmeal, rice, and milkshakes. These foods have been replaced with toast, ramen noodles and apples. And with that kind of diet (like yesterday ALL that stayed down was the ramen and an apple) you would think I would be wasting away to nothing...

Here's where sympathetic pregnancy comes in... Nick is the one wasting away to nothing while my weight stays exactly the same. I would like to know how this is possible ;o I would guess it's my hefty metabolism ;)

I really started to feel like a horrible wife as I noticed how my husband's waistline is shrinking... ;o Every time he tries to cook for himself it makes me want to barf. I have to either go in the bedroom and pull something over my head or else hold my nose for a long time. SOMEHOW the smell seems to go away after a while until I wake up in the morning and I get a rush of sickness again. This is really bizarre to me because I am the person who can't smell ANYTHING.... until now.

So... I'm 9 weeks. This is good. It hopefully means I only have 4 or so more weeks of feeling sickly. Unless I'm one of those REALLY blessed women who is sick the whole way through. Heaven help us if that's the case.

Thankfully, my mum is coming in TWO DAYS!!!!! I've already asked her to make me a big pot of soup. And hopefully she can make us some casseroles or something so that Nick has something other than mac-n-cheese to eat until I can get in the kitchen again.

A friend bought me a subscription to Taste of Home. This month's magazine arrived in the mail and I guess Nick thought it would make me feel sick so he didn't show it to me. I found it later and flipped through pages of yummy recipes. I really am missing cooking... but not enough to actually get back in the kitchen and heat anything. Sometimes even boiling water makes me lean over the sink in agony. ;(

On February 10th we go in to hear itty bitty's heartbeat. Mommy gets a head-to-toe exam, whatever that means. Nothing would overjoy me more than for them to tell me I'm actually like 12 weeks instead of 10... but I think I know my body well enough to know that my estimated due date is right on time.

Until more worthy news than what I can and can't eat...
the pregnant woman

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Of Hunger and Appetizing

I have learned that being hungry and appetizing are two different things. At this stage of my pregnancy (and who knows? maybe every stage will be this way...) I am CONSTANTLY hungry. However, the thought of most food still makes me want to explode into extreme nauseousness :( This makes it rather difficult to keep my tummy quiet.

On occasion, a food will come to mind that I can fathom eating - this is what I call appetizing. At first it was potatoes and strawberries. Then pizza. Then the thought of any of those things would almost bring tears to my eyes. And I would feel a very strong urge to throw up - amazingly, I have not thrown up ONCE since being pregnant.

The other day Nick rather strongly encouraged me to get out and walk. It was a gorgeous day and I needed to get out of this apartment. I gathered my courage and walked to McDonald's, just down the way. I felt renewed, refreshed, and energized! I gathered my change and bought a parfait and some cinnamon things that are sort of like monkey bread that my mom used to make. I sat down and absolutely adored the food as I laid it to rest in my tummy. I was sure that baby was very thrilled to have such a healthy brunch and felt quite happy. I then felt like taking a nap at McDonald's. Walking AND eating can do a pregnant woman in for sure!! I talked myself out of the nap and walked home. Well... before I got home, as I was walking past the elementary school I suddenly felt all my food coming up :( BOO!!!! The little children were out playing for recess and I could actually hear my stomach open up ready to hurl. FORTUNATELY, it settled just as quickly as it started. YUCKO!!! I started crying and just made it home before crashing on the couch. I doubt I'll try that again for a long time. ;o

In other news... my mum and sister are coming in ONE week to help me move!! I'm soooo excited. Nick is excited too because at last, someone can take care of the piles of laundry, lack of food in the house (I have not been in a grocery store in over two weeks!!), and maybe by then I'll have some more strength. I'll at least be happier. I feel like a prisoner in my own apartment...

For now, I think we're going to make a trip out of the house. It's Sunday afternoon and we're both a little stir-crazy.

In the words of Carrie Fisher, "Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changes Ahead

Well... I've been pretty sporadic about keeping up with this blog. I did much better about blogging before we got married ;)

I'm sitting here thinking about putting a potato in the oven. I am craving a few things - any form of potatoes being one of them. Pregnancy has sure changed my lifestyle. Sleep, wake up, try not to think about food while getting something into my tummy. I sure thought that I would actually GET sick versus just FEELING sick. I guess every woman's different. And it seems like as soon as I actually eat something it makes me feel like I just ran a marathon. Weird! Pregnancy is just STRANGE!

Thankfully I'm not having any trouble sleeping - at all! Right after I found out I was pregnant I had some real troubles with insomnia, but no more! I think I could sleep all day and night.

I am glad for my Wii Fit! Maybe it'll keep me in better shape even though I know I'm not eating right or anything. I had all these high hopes of being super healthy and on top of things.... Well, all the healthy foods I ate the past two weeks make me absolutely want to vomit now!! YUCKO!

Nicholas is being a man's man and taking SUPER good care of me. I think his paternal instincts kicked in sometime around yesterday - just in time!! He was very proud of himself for grocery shopping by himself and coming home and cleaning out the fridge and putting everything away. I feel terrible but if I even think about fixing the food for him that he needs it sends me back to bed with a blanket over my head. Not to worry, he takes pretty good care of himself.

It's good to know that a baby comes at the end of this season of the yuckies. ;-) We're not finding out the sex of our itty bitty but I *feel* so sure that I have a little pink girlie in there.

Even as recent as last week I felt like something must be terribly wrong with my pregnancy because I sure didn't feel pregnant - AT ALL! I think Baby got word of that and decided to send me the sickies so that I would have my wish of feeling pregnant.

I sure am craving a cheeseburger from McDonald's or some chicken nuggets dipped in lots and lots of honey mustard/BBQ sauce.... I think I should exercise instead ;p