Wednesday, January 6, 2010

It's January

I make no promises that I'll keep up with this blog. Good gravy, my blogging addiction has diminished significantly since I've been married ;-)

So it's a new year. And we're moving. Yay!!! Hopefully this is our last lease until we move into a house. We'll be excited to have a place to call our very own. Until then, we're pinching pennies to save for that home.

I keep thinking about how a year ago this month we were moving from our first home to this apartment. I was so sick I couldn't even pack or clean. I felt horrible to have my mother and inlaws (& of course Nick) do everything for me. I laid on the couch while my mom cleaned our old apartment and just made trips back and forth to puke in the bathroom. My, then ten-year old, sister with Down's Syndrome would sit there and cry asking if there was anything she could do to make me feel better. So funny to remember now :)

This year I feel so much more energized. And hopefully once we're fully moved in I can start bundling Ellie up and going for long walks. I'm so looking forward to getting more outdoor time. (Right now on a 2nd floor it's just so awkward to lug the huge stroller up and down the stairs along with a 15lb baby!)

We've been gone for more than half of December. I'm SO glad to be back in Austin... we're waiting for a phone call any day now to let us know that a van in OK is available for us to buy. Hopefully that phone call will come tomorrow! (That's what I've been thinking for a few weeks now - haha)

Well... I packed like six smallish boxes today and made homemade laundry detergent. (And spent a ton of time with E who is very spoiled after being around relatives so much lately! I love that baby girl!!!)