Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I sit here listening to my favorite old-time Christmas songs... and it's not even Thanksgiving! This is very naughty, I know. But Nicholas and I decided that we need to grasp every part of the Christmas season because the next two months are going to fly past us!!

We spent an incredible weekend with family - my side, who we hadn't seen since the 4th of July. :o We put about 1000 miles on the car in three days but we BOTH agreed it was well worth it.

Caleb "graduated" from Basic Training at ALERT. I won't go all into it, but he did insanely well. We were all very proud of our little brother who has become SUCH a man in the last couple of years. He is gearing up for a semester of college next January. During his break I think he's also planning on growing back his beard. YAY! :) I'll have to update with new pictures in a couple of weeks.

Here's a picture of us all together right before we left for our 7 hour trip home last Sunday...

This weekend we have a Sunday school S'more get-together... then Nicholas' sister, Melissa, and brother, Matt, will be coming into town. So I'm sure we'll be making a couple of trips to Round Rock. Yay for a busy season of family and friends!!

Only 5 weeks until my brother, Noah's, wedding to Heather Lee. I'm VERY excited about getting to see a lot of family in Missouri so close to Christmas.

For our first Christmas together, we have the whole week off!! YAY!!!! We'll be in Missouri the week before and then drive back... stopping to shop in Dallas then home for a couple days. We plan to celebrate our own Christmas on the 23rd. We're planning on going out to eat at a Chinese Buffet as that's a tradition in MY family. Then on Christmas eve and Christmas day we will be with the big Harris clan...

Wow! I'm excited!!!

Nick and I got to help my mom in a very busy church nursery this last weekend in Oklahoma. We just loved getting to soothe and coddle the little screaming babes... :) We would be thrilled to start a little family soon, but we are also really, REALLY enjoying the opportunities we have to spend together by ourselves :D

God continues to bless us more than we could have hoped!! We have a wonderful relationship with one another... marriage has been a very smooth transition and we just adore spending so much time together!!!

Until later...
the S.Austin Harris clan