Monday, July 12, 2010

13 weeks tomorrow

This first trimester is just like classic pregnancy. Sick. Heartburn. Exhausted. Sick. Etc.

We go in to see the midwives on Wednesday. Last time the heartrate was 175. And there's a debate in our house over this baby's sex. Daddy said that he is the one who determines those things and the final answer is: IT'S A BOY. BUT... I'm a skeptic. Could I really be this hormonal with a boy?! Surely not.

And we don't have a girl's name picked out. And if I ever ask Nick's opinion on my picks he just repeats: It's a boy. Silly guy. He acted the same way with Ellie. So maybe he's right. But surely his luck must run out at some point.

Meanwhile, I would very much like a bunch of fairies to invade my house and clean it pronto. Everything is making me sick. Including something really nasty Daddy made for lunch. I am not going to lie - during his lunch break I spent 30 minutes with my head in pillows trying not to puke.

Oh, I'm just going to mention that I am exactly where I should be on the minimum amount of weight to be gained for this pregnancy. Woo! I was very concerned because our scale is broke (improper use of the English language - shoot me!)... so I hadn't weighed in over a week and have been eating and puking at various times. Nothing healthy going on here at all! But I stepped on the scale today and there we had it - a huge sigh of relief. Major undergoings are going to have to take place to keep myself from puffing up like a blimp this time. I think keeping up with Ellie is the only way I'm not blimping up yet.

That's life, folks.