Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What comes after Christmas but before Valentine's Day?

A baby! A baby is coming our way!

So this blog post will be in draft mode for as long as Nick and I can keep this a secret... we have no idea how long that will be. Maybe July??

I'm sure there will be people wondering so I'm just going to clarify that, No, this was not an accidental pregnancy. Have we lost our minds by purposefully having kids less than 18 months apart? Probably. But we talked about it a LOT and it's just what we felt was right for our family. Do not necessarily expect us to repeat this scenario every year and a half though. I have no idea how well I'll handle two under two just yet.

So currently I'm like, 4 weeks and 3 days - I think. Funny, I think this pregnancy (at least the first tri) will go by faster than my pregnancy with Ellie. It's only been a couple days since we found out and I'm already worn out. ;-) Breastfeeding + Being.Pregnant + Not.Taking.Vitamins = Very tired and unhealthy feeling mama. I don't know what happened to my prenatal vitamins. Somehow they got lost in the move. However, I did buy some last night. I did find myself dry heaving after taking them. Thankfully they did not come up ;-p

Actually, speaking of feeling sickly, I started feeling extremely tired/nauseated around 2 1/2 weeks. (that's like a couple of days past conception) Very uncool. I woke up in the middle of the night around 3 weeks feeling like I'd eaten something bad. Threw up a lot. Ugh. And I went back to bed. I didn't get a positive pg test for a week but I'm sure it was morning sickness. I'm not one to randomly throw up in the middle of the night ;-)

As I expected, my feeling nauseated has to be put aside at least somewhat because I have an 8 month old who needs me almost every hour of the day. Also, it's not like I can complain to anyone other than Nicholas about it because nobody knows. haha.

We are planning another birth at the Austin Area Birthing Center. This time, Lord-willing, we'll be in SOUTH AUSTIN at the new facility!!! It opens in August. Just before Ellie's birthday in September we should be having an ultrasound... and, Nope, we're not planning on finding out the sex. We both feel very strongly that it's a boy. We had Ellie's name picked out before I was pregnant yet we never did settle on a boy's name. This time Nick picked out a boy's name before we knew I was pregnant and he's declared that we're not going to pick out a girl's name because, duh!, it's not a girl. ;-) so we'll see. If it is a girl I guess she will be nameless for a while. haha

Okay... that's all for now. I'll probably come back and add some more secret posts that will all be unlocked once we have let the cat out of the bag. Until then, I think I need to clean up the kitchen. (I'd rather nap but Ellie's napping and it's easier to get things done when she's asleep. Imagine that.)

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