Sunday, November 21, 2010

Ten Thankful Things

That last post was more than a little depressing. But it's genuine, folks :)

What's also genuine is that there are GOOD things in my life!! Every time I turn around I may find a reason to cry my eyes out... but I also have things for which I can thank God.

(1) Let's not get too mushy... but I'm thankful for my husband. He is definitely the biggest hero I have on this earth. I have decided to stop asking myself multiple times a day why he likes me and just be glad that he does. Sheesh, the boy has been through a lot lately too but he rarely complains. He's flat out awesomeness defined. (Okay, I promise I'll stop now.)

(2) Kleenex boxes. If you are sent to buy Kleenex boxes in my family, you better not come home with some ugly generic Kleenex box. (Now y'all really think I've lost my mind. haha) My mother knows what I'm talking about :) Happy Kleenex boxes make happy people. Ellie has a Toy Story 3 Kleenex box and I have three or four pretty Kleenex boxes in within ten steps of where I'm sitting right now. If you are not having a good day, go buy yourself a pretty Kleenex box, have a good cry and then thank me. :)

(3) Real Honey. No, I'm not on drugs. (Unless Benadryl counts ;p) I just love me some real genuine local honey. This might have a small bit to do with the fact that Nicholas was a beekeeper when I first met him. Beekeeper suits can be sexy if they're on the right person. Nick was that right person. :) And there's nothing that says, "I reeeeeeaaaaaaallllly like you," more than a delivery of fresh honeycomb. Nick is not a beekeeper now but he did buy me some genuine local pure honey the other day. And it makes me happy.

(4) Tea. I haven't always really LOVED tea. I'm more of a coffee girl actually. But recently I've found tea to be a very soothing friend. No cream. No sugar. Just pure tea.

(5) New Pillows. Our beloved daughter recently vomited several times on our favorite pillows. It's okay. We forgave her because she is just too cute for words. But we were sure missing our pillows until they got replaced by some new, cheaper pillows (I'm thinking that while we have children we will go with Target's $5 version. At least they can easily be replaced.)

Okay, I'm too tired to think of more than 5 things. I'll come back later :)

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