Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Of Cloth Diapering...

As a stay-at-home woman I have a lot of hours on my hands. I am extremely grateful for a hubby who not only "allows" me to be home during these months of pregnancy... he actually encourages it. I was asked recently if I "had" to be home because I couldn't do anything else due, I guess, to morning sickness. The answer is a simple "No." I could go out and get a job... I wouldn't enjoy it but I am definitely capable. However, we've made the choice for my homemaking to be a top priority. I love it because it frees me from stress outside of the home and allows me to fully focus on being "wife" to Nick. My life revolves around his schedule. Emotionally, I am prepared at the end of the day when he has gone through so much at work. Cleaning the house, baking yummy food and reading doesn't really stress me like a job outside the home would. So we're not both having to vent to each other at the end of the day.

I am not bored at all. I have a huge realization that these very last couple of months are the last months of this freedom I enjoy. Starting in September my life will revolve not only around my hubby but also a precious little squealing bundle of joy.

So last week I took up the task of researching cloth diapering to the "nth" degree. Fun stuff. There's like a million articles online due to the rising popularity that is cloth diapering. I am jumping on the bandwagon of the old ways made new. But before I make that giant decision there's so many littler decisions to make.

A month ago I didn't know what the difference was between fitted or pocket, Bummis or Fuzzi Bunz, or what the heck AIO stood for. Now I am about as confident in discussing this subject as one could be who has only taken it from a cognitive approach. I have two packages to arrive in the mail sometime this week - *squeal* At that time, I will be sure to post my thoughts on how they work on a stuffed animal. Just kidding ;p I am curious to death to actually hold these diapers in my hand.. To me, it is more exciting, I think, than buying baby clothes. And since we're not buying baby clothes yet - since we don't know what we're having - than it is definitely as close as I can get. ;p

After reading several articles, such as this and this and this, mama has made her official diaper plan:

Newborn Package

~ 36 infant chinese prefolds (I'm going to go with the "Infant" size and possibly a few "Newborn")
~ 12 fitted diapers = Kissaluvs, Dream-Eze, All Together, Heiny Hugger Sherpa Fitted, Swaddlebees, Drybees
~ 4 diaper covers = Prorap cover, Imse Vimse cover, GEN-Y cover, Bummis Super Whisper Wrap
~ 3 pocket diapers = BumGenius

As baby gets bigger we'll go to the One Size diapers (Rumparooz, Happy Heiny's, Mommy's Touch, Blueberry & Tiny Tush) and Medium Fuzzi Bunz.

I can just hardly wait for baby to get here so we can start taking pictures of it in these adorable diapers!!! ;p

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