Friday, October 31, 2008

Weekends and Homework

Nothing terribly exciting going on over here. We are going to try to stay around homebase this weekend so we can both get caught up on homework. Nick's Behavioral Management class is a little bit less fun and more difficult than expected. I have a pretty big exam next week and a following exam to take before Christmas. Hopefully I'll do pretty well on both...

I would rather spend my time on sewing projects (nothing started yet... just fantasies at this point). I am in LOVE with Anthropologie's aprons... I purchased my first one as a gift for a cousin and have a couple other people in mind to buy for as well. I don't necessarily need an apron right now but once things calm down here I would like to try to make a copycat version.

La_La_La... more to come later. But nothing too exciting... :)

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