Monday, February 13, 2012

Pretty in Pink

My, oh my. It has been a year since my fingers flew into a frenzy on this little blogosphere. And I can't honestly say that it's been time that's lacking and thus the hiding out... I've just been, well... hiding out.

Blogging was something I did when I needed to spew forth my thoughts and although I often blogged whilst happy or sad I didn't quite know what to do when I was feeling despondent and scared half out of my own whits. You see, just a year ago this month I fell pregnant as they used to say. There was no actual falling involved but it felt like a fall on that March 1st morning when in the parking lot of Target I discovered my pregnancy test was positive.

It's been nearly a year since that day and as you can see from my header God gave me the most vivacious sweet little bundle of girly-ness and her name is Leila-Anne. The in-between has been written about in snippets on my Facebook site and right now I don't really care to go repeating those details. It was a very, very, very hard time. And although I can sometimes give the impression that I'm a happy, go-lucky lass, I think part of me is forever changed by the harsh reality of losing one little girl and wondering day and night if I was going to lose another.

So. I think a new dawn has come and I'm ready once again to write about the good, the bad, and the ugly as it relates to every day life as a mother of two girls and wife of one man who has found himself surrounded by lots of female drama.

We are just a few months shy of celebrating four years of marriage. It would be silly to ask "Where has the time gone?" My belly and it's stretch marks could answer that question easily enough. haha

Some things that have been on my mind lately are: How Do You Date Your Husband on a Super Tight Budget? Why Do Toddlers Poop in the Bathtub? and Can an Introvert Become Hospitable? In the days to come I hope I can get back to spewing forth my thoughts on those and maybe even less glamorous topics.

For now, I really need to get my workout in before the bebes arise from their slumbers.

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