Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday I'm In Love

I'm so happy right now :)

It's not even 9AM and I'm on my second cup of coffee. My heart is never going to be completely over the ache of missing my 2nd born daughter. But I am going about life as I know she would have wanted me to. So I'm embracing LIFE. I can have caffeine without limit. =D

My little heart goes pitter-patter when I'm in the kitchen with a cookbook flipped open to a new recipe. Yes it does! And yesterday I found myself in the kitchen with a Bon Appetit magazine opened to a certain Spiced Cranberry Bundt Cake and my computer screen had a Green Chile Crockpot recipe on it and I had a Maine Cookbook opened to a Little Meatballs recipe. I was DELIGHTED to be back in the kitchen!

Ellie has somehow turned from infant to toddler overnight. Who told her she could do that?!! I took a quick shower (did you know it's possible to get clean in 20 seconds? I will tell my children this when they're older!) and was greated by a precocious child "folding" laundry in the living room. She was doing a great job!

Whenever I'm in the kitchen trying to concoct something fantastic, Ellie must feel the happy vibes because there is NO other place for her to be than at my feet. She has recently discovered how to empty the lower kitchen cabinets and get in them. And since our laundry room is nestled inside the kitchen she has recently discovered the inside of the dryer. So, you see, my heart goes pitter-patter for different reasons. It is partially because I love cooking and it is partially because I am having to keep Ellie from harming herself or my favorite kitchen tools :)

I bring this all on myself; I realize that I could install child proofing locks on all my cabinets. But I have this theory. Nick scoffs at my theory. Here's the idea: If Ellie learns to love being in the kitchen as much as I do then maybe and if she loves folding laundry more than I do (any love at all for that would beat mine) then maybe in another couple of years she will be whipping up her own goodies in the kitchen and I'll sit down sipping coffee while she folds my laundry ;-) Here's hoping :)

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