Thursday, February 4, 2010

Almost 5 months...

For now, we're gonna have to stick with pictorial blogging. I'm not sure that's even a word, but whatever.... Ellie is growing so fast and developing faster than we expected. Her newest thing is "growling" at Daddy to get his attention. It's stinkin hilarious. She gets louder and louder until he plays with her. Funny, she doesn't do this to me. :)

My brain cells are not lost but they're confused right now. I feel sometimes like I now feel what my grandmother felt in her last years of Alzheimer's. Hm. I prepared myself to have postpartum depression, anxiety, etc. Instead, I just got confused. Literally. I am a very happy person, but I've lost the control of my brain. So, like a woman, I blame it on hormones. ;-)

I demand clean these days... I've only seen Ellie crawl once. But she gets around by rolling everywhere. It's truly amazing. Since her adventures of mobility began, I have to vacuum constantly... pick up and clean It's awesome. And of course she would discover that we had these carpet threads sticking out of the floor. Thanks for the notification, lovie! ;) She also goes around barefoot a lot now because I can't keep her songs on. She can drink a bottle of breastmilk on her own... and she's been drinking water from a two handled sippy cup. She always grabs things with her left hand. Hmm...
People who are only around Ellie occasionally don't hear her laugh, rarely hear her make any noise, actually... but she is a babbler around those she knows well! ;-) I did NOT plan on Ellie starting any solids until at least 7 months. BUT... we decided that she is so ready. And she proved me right. She gobbled up MOST of her cereal this morning like an excited little kid!! *sigh* That was immediately followed by a bath!

Ellie has eaten, been bathed, had her baby massage, and been changed. I have had my coffee, but that's it ;-) She's a daddy's girl, for sure!! And she's probably the chillest happiest baby we've been around.

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Jessalyn said...

I just love all the pictures...seeing her move around and be so content and happy (and stinkin cute!). Daddy's girls are GREAT, btw, even if you're a bit jealous at first...enjoy watching them love on each other (it only gets better!).

She is precious! Keep her for sure :)