Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Changes Ahead

Well... I've been pretty sporadic about keeping up with this blog. I did much better about blogging before we got married ;)

I'm sitting here thinking about putting a potato in the oven. I am craving a few things - any form of potatoes being one of them. Pregnancy has sure changed my lifestyle. Sleep, wake up, try not to think about food while getting something into my tummy. I sure thought that I would actually GET sick versus just FEELING sick. I guess every woman's different. And it seems like as soon as I actually eat something it makes me feel like I just ran a marathon. Weird! Pregnancy is just STRANGE!

Thankfully I'm not having any trouble sleeping - at all! Right after I found out I was pregnant I had some real troubles with insomnia, but no more! I think I could sleep all day and night.

I am glad for my Wii Fit! Maybe it'll keep me in better shape even though I know I'm not eating right or anything. I had all these high hopes of being super healthy and on top of things.... Well, all the healthy foods I ate the past two weeks make me absolutely want to vomit now!! YUCKO!

Nicholas is being a man's man and taking SUPER good care of me. I think his paternal instincts kicked in sometime around yesterday - just in time!! He was very proud of himself for grocery shopping by himself and coming home and cleaning out the fridge and putting everything away. I feel terrible but if I even think about fixing the food for him that he needs it sends me back to bed with a blanket over my head. Not to worry, he takes pretty good care of himself.

It's good to know that a baby comes at the end of this season of the yuckies. ;-) We're not finding out the sex of our itty bitty but I *feel* so sure that I have a little pink girlie in there.

Even as recent as last week I felt like something must be terribly wrong with my pregnancy because I sure didn't feel pregnant - AT ALL! I think Baby got word of that and decided to send me the sickies so that I would have my wish of feeling pregnant.

I sure am craving a cheeseburger from McDonald's or some chicken nuggets dipped in lots and lots of honey mustard/BBQ sauce.... I think I should exercise instead ;p

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The Knight Family said...

Yay, I knew there would be a blog about this! And go ahead and satisfy those cravings...being pregnant is such a great excuse to eat anything you want! (Oh, wait, I forgot that I'm no longer pregnant, but I still use that excuse ;) You must keep up this blogging and add some cutie pie preggo pics too so we can see you as you "grow". Pinkie girly, huh. I am thinking boy, but I don't know why. From my own experience, I am hoping your instinct is right (girls are SOOO much fun, I'm sure boys are too, I just don't know!). Love ya lots!